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Only the highest quality pet food

All of the brands we carry do not contain wheat, corn or soy and are proudly made in America. All foods have been carefully researched and are recommended by The Whole Dog Journal and Dog Food Advisor. We carry many grain free options as well.

All of our treats are made in America, Canada or Paraguay (bully sticks). Whether it is a bag of biscuits, a bully stick, American rawhide, marrow bones, Greenies or Himalayan Dog Chews, we have something for everyone!

Unleashed now offers online ordering and delivery!

We are excited to offer online ordering and delivery of dog food, cat food, treats and cat litter directly to your door!

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Food & Treats
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We are the place to shop for new collars! We LOVE to shop for new leash and collar lines! We always carry Lupine (made here in NH) and Up Country (made in RI). Other brands are always subject to change by season!

We primarily carry adjustable collars that can fit many sizes of dogs in nylon, nylon with a ribbon overlay, bamboo and soy. We also carry daycare safe collars, martingales and nylon choke collars. We stock PetSafe citronella collars for those dogs who need barking correction.

For those dogs who need a little help learning to not pull, we carry PetSafe Gentle Leaders, PetSafe Easy Walk Harnesses, Freedom No-Pull Harnesses, Walk Right Harnesses and Harness Leads.

Come see us today and let us find the right solution for you.


Keep your furry friends happy and fit

Toys & More


Keep your furry friends happy and fit

Two common reasons for behavior issues with dogs are boredom and an over-abundance of energy. In the wild, dogs spend around 80% of their awake time hunting and scavenging for food. In our homes, for thousands of years, dogs have provided many services alongside their human ‘masters’, and many are bred for specific purposes. Hunting dogs are still used today, as are farm dogs, and those bred for protection. In your house, while you are busy at work, your fuzzy little friend gets bored and has a lot of energy after eating breakfast.

The ASPCA recommends that you ‘work’ your dog, and make them ‘hunt’ and ‘scavenge’ for food / treats during the day while you are away. Food puzzle toys like the KONG® Toy give your dog a natural solution to pet-dog boredom, and they encourage chewing and licking, both of which have a calming effect on dogs.

From chew toys to our large assortment of cat toys, Unleashed is New London’s favorite place for entertaining (and exercising) your furry little friend, physically and mentally!